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Veer Narmad South Gujarat University


1. Format & Style


All manuscripts must be printed in letter quality (font size 12) in double space on one side of A4 paper with margins of at least one inch on all sides. Authors should submit onesoft copy together with one hard copy by post of their manuscripts to the editor.

Cover Page:

Manuscripts of a paper should have a cover page providing the title of the paper,the name(s), address (es), phone, fax numbers and e-mail address(es) of all authors and acknowledgments if any. In order to facilitate anonymous review of the papers, please restrict the author – related information only to the cover page.


Following the cover page, there should be an ‘abstract’ page, which should contain the title of the paper, the subtitle “Abstract” and a summary of the paper in single space, not exceeding 150 words. The text of the paper should not start on this page, but on a fresh page with the title of the paper repeated.


References should be cited in the style prescribed in the publication manual of the American Psychological Association. Please visit URL:

Figures / Tables:

Each figure/table should be printed on a separate sheet. Figures / tables are to be separately numbered, titled and attached at the end of the text serially. The position of figure or table should be indicated in the text on a separate line with the words “Table 1 about here’.

2. Disk and hard copy of final revised manuscripts:

At the end of the review process, the editor informs the author about the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript. On acceptance the author is expected to incorporate the modifications suggested by the reviewers if any and submit a disk and hard copy of the final revised manuscript.

3. Editorial and Peer-Review Process:

VJRI is a Peer-reviewed journal. Articles submitted for publication are initially screened by the editors for relevance to our readership, theoretical framework, methodological rigor, and potential to advance theory/practice. Articles that present conceptually and methodically rigorous ideas in the manuscripts stand a better chance for active consideration. Those considered appropriate are put through a double blind review, a process that may take one month. Authors may be asked to revise and resubmit a manuscript based on the referee's comments. Accepted articles are edited to suit our format. Authors may consult the detailed format and style guidelines given below. Published articles become the exclusive copyright of VJRI which includes the right to electronic distribution. Publisher reserves the full and unfettered right and the sole discretion to accept or refuse an article for publication; he is under no obligation to assign reasons for this decision.


While submitting the research paper, authors are requested to ensure that the following have been taken into consideration and specified wherever necessary.
a. The purpose of the study and the prospective readers for whom the paper/article has been prepared.
b. The significance of the contribution.
c. Approach, context and background to the paper should be explained properly.
d. Policy implications of the study and the identification of future areas of work in the field may be specified.
e. The paper should be structured so that it is presented in a clear and logical manner.

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